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Ready to Move your Master to your live course? The Pre-semester Checklist describes the steps needed to move a course from the master course area to the "live" SIS course area, and prepare the live SIS course for use by students.


  • Face-to-face instructor training is scheduled through the end of August 2019. You can Register for a training session here. Training is being offered on:

    • August 06 (Marshfield Campus)
    • August 09 (Wausau Campus) 
    • July 31 (Main Campus)
    • August 07, 21, 26, 27, 29 (Main Campus)
    • September 02 (Main Campus)

  • A self-paced Instructor Training course is available.


Starting with Summer 2019, Canvas will be the only LMS available at UWSP. If you would like to move content from D2L, you can request the move at the form linked here.

We strongly encourage a consultation with CITL staff to walk through your migrated content with you after content has been moved.


 Production Release Notes

Canvas releases updates on a three week cycle.  The documentation for these releases is available from Canvas.
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