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UW-Stevens Point is continuting to monitor the coronavirus outbreak.  Please review the UWSP Emergency Management Coronavirus (COVID-19) webpage for our campus information and resources. 

 For the most current travel warnings, please review the Department of State website and the interactive map of all travel warnings.  Also, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has travel guidance and resources for travelers.  Both sites should be reviewed and monitored if you have plans to travel.

___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________On August 20, Chancellor Gibson announced that the domestic travel suspension has been lifted.  Specifically, the campus announcement read:

Travel – In-state travel restrictions on university-sponsored travel have been lifted. Vice chancellors or unit heads will continue to evaluate and approve the need for travel. Requests to travel out of state will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, while university-sponsored international travel remains suspended. 

To this end, the below process information is offered to assist in upcoming travel plans.

  1. In-state travel will be processed per normal, pre-pandemic processing.  Supervisor approval per department process should be obtained prior to traveling and a Travel Expense Report (TER) completed upon return.  No interim travel request form is required.  Additionally, no interim travel request form is required for virtual conference attendance.
  2. Out-of-state travel will need to be processed and documented through the Travel Authorization (TA) process within the Shared Financial System (SFS), selecting the Travel Authorizations tile (documentation attached).  As part of the TA process, the traveler will need to add an attachment that includes Vice Chancellor approval for the travel.  This documentation could be in the form of an email, a department created travel approval form, or the interim travel request form.  The documentation should include information such as:
  • Anticipated travel itinerary
  • Number of travelers, students/staff
  • Safety plans
  • And other information that may be requested by the divisional VC

Upon return from travel, the TA will be used to create the TER.If VC approval is not attached to the TA, the travel expenses will not be reimbursed/paid.(Exceptions for documented VC approval attached to the TA will be made for Admissions, Advancement, and Athletics.)

  1. International travel remains suspended.  However, note the below guidance regarding international travel, which includes arriving international students.  Should an exception be made for international travel, the out-of-state travel process should be used (i.e., TA processed with documented VC approval).  (Exception for documented VC approval attached to TA will be made for Study Abroad programs.)

International travel, including arriving international students

UWSP will follow CDC guidance - https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/international-travel-during-covid19.html

  • Fully vaccinated (with CDC EUA or WHO EUL COVID vaccine):
    • Test 3-5 days after travel
    • Self-monitor for symptoms; isolate and get tested if develop symptoms
    • No quarantine
  • Not fully vaccinated:
    • Test 3-5 days after travel
    • Quarantine after travel for 7 days with a negative test result on day 5 or later OR 10 days without a test; isolate and get tested if develop symptoms
  • All air passengers coming to the United States, including U.S. citizens and fully vaccinated people, are required to have a negative COVID-19 viral test result no more than 3 days before travel or documentation of recovery from COVID-19 in the past 3 months before they board a flight to the United States.
Card Products and eReimbursement Guides

Below is information related to the two travel card products available to UWSP faculty and staff. In some cases graduate students may be eligible for a corporate card. Also available are SFS 9.2 eReimbursement guides designed to walk a traveler through how to enter expenses into eReimbursement. Please note that you may need to provide UWSP credentials in order to access the below content.

 Corporate Card Information

The Corporate card is a state-provided personal liability purchasing card to be used for selected business travel related expenditures. It is the employee’s responsibility to ensure payment in full is received at US Bank upon receipt. (It is possible to have your expense report reimbursement be paid to US bank directly on your behalf)

Corporate Card Guidelines

Corporate Card Application

 Pro-Travel Card Information

The ProTravel card is a state-provided institutional liability purchasing card to be used for selected business travel related expenditures. Charges on this card are paid directly by the University.

Pro-Travel Card Guidelines

Pro-Travel Card Application

2020 Statement Closing Dates

 eReimbursement User Guides

Below are the business process guides provided by UW-System and UWSP. 

Traveler Guides

Getting Started - This guide will summarize most aspects of the Expense Module.

First Time Traveler Guide - This guide will prepare first time travelers for their first business-related trip.

How to Sign Into eReimbursement

Creating an Expense Report - This guide will walk the traveler through creating an expense report.

How to Choose Per Diem Deductions - This guide will show you how to select per diem deductions for first/last day and provided meals.

Per Diem Meal and Lodging Calculator - This guide provides some notes and screen shots on the new Per Diem Meal and Lodging calculator available in SFS.

Expense Type Matrix - This guide lists the expense types in eReimbursement and provides information about when each is appropriate for use.

Business Purpose Matrix - This guide lists the business purposes available in eReimbursement and provides information about when each is appropriate. 

Cash Advances Procedures - This guide walks through the procedures of requesting a cash advance, and reconciling the advance upon return.

Cash Advance Requests - Please read the cash advance procedures prior to completing a cash advance request.

Approver Guides

User Guide for Approver/Auditor - This guide provides details about responsibilities of approvers and auditors.

How to Approve Transactions in the Expense Module - This guide provides details about how to approve reports in the queue.

A comprehensive list of guides provided by UW-System can be found on the UW-System Financial Administration webpage. Training opportunities hosted on campus at UWSP can be found on the UWSP Financial Operations training opportunities page

​Policy and Procedure Quick Guides

Quick guides are designed to walk users through the documentation and steps required to successfully submit for reimbursement for various expenses associated with a certain type of trip. Please note that you may need to provide UWSP credentials in order to access the below content.

 Travel Authorization

 Group Travel/Moving and Relocation

 One-Way Mileage between UWSP Locations

One-Way Mileage Guide between Branch Campuses and UWSP Field Stations

​Main Campus to Wausau -
​Main Campus to Treehaven -
​Main Campus to Marshfield -
​Main Campus to CWES -
​Wausau to Marshfield -
​Main Campus to Montello -

Helpful Links

UW System TravelWIse - TravelWIse is a website maintained by UW-System that houses all current policies. In additional to policies, TravelWIse provides training materials, tax-exempt documents, and other travel related resources.

eReimbursement Log-In - The eReimbursement portal allows travels to complete and submit a Travel Expense Report.

Interim Travel Exception Request Form - In response to COVID-19, UW System has initiated an Interim Travel Exception Request procedure required for use aross all UW institutions that currently only allow for restricted/essential travel. This is in effect until further notice.

Non-Employee Profile Request Form - When reimbursing a student or individual not affiliated with UWSP, a Non-Employee Profile will need to be created. This form allows you to request a profile be created. Please note that the student/non-employee will not be able to log into eReimbursement to complete the report. This will need to be completed by a current UWSP Employee.

US Bank Access Online - Manage your Pro-Travel, Corporate, or Purchasing Card online from US Bank. When logging in, the short name for our organization is 'STWISC'.

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