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 Training Sessions

WISDM to WISER (WISDM No Longer Available) - 

WISER IS NOW ACTIVE - if you had access to WISDM, you now have access to WISER.

WISER is a redesigned version of WISDM with a modern interface and new/improved functionality to provide enhanced, efficient, and more agile financial reporting. We partnered with Renee Copes, Shared Financial System Analyst at UW System Administration, to deliver WISER training sessions via Zoom in September/October.

Missed the WISER Zoom Training Sessions? Access a recorded session here.

WISER training materials are also available to assist you on UW System's website:

How to Request a Training Session

To request a training session please contact the following:

Purchasing Card: Orientation/Training/Transaction Management

Purchasing is offering pre-scheduled Training Sessions (link) on various dates and times each month in Old Main Room 002.  If you are a new p-card user and need the whole gamut of training on P-Card Policies and Procedures, an established p-card user who wants to learn all about Transaction Management, or if you are just feeling a bit rusty on your p-card knowledge and would like some refresher training, please see the link for dates/times of trainings.

To request a training session please contact Please let us know which date/time you will be attending, and if you will need both p-card and transaction management training, or transaction management training only.  Can't attend in person? Let us know and we'll set up Zoom conferencing for the session so that you can train remotely from your location. All you need is a PC with a microphone/speaker.  We look forward to working with you! 


Below is a list of guides and reference materials to help get you started.

ADA Workshop Training

Group Presentation - August 2019

ADA Workshop Handouts - August 2019

Previous Presentations and Handout Information:

                        Group Presentation - August 2018

              ADA Workshop Handouts - August 2018

                        Group Presentation - August 2017

Budget & Finance Training Series

Budget Manager Training

Budget Manager Training Presentation

Cash Handling

Cash Handling Training & Certifications

Annual cash handling certification is available through Canvas for all cash handlers, supervisors, and fund custodians. The online training program consists of three separate assessments, one for each training group. Review of the Financial Operations Cash Handling Policy and Procedures prior to the assessment will be necessary in order to successfully complete the assessment at 80% or higher.  Once an individual receives their certification, re-certification must be maintained annually. Special arrangements may be made with Financial Operations for one-on-one or departmental training opportunities.

**Review Cash Handling Policy and Procedures prior to completing certifications.**

Online Certifications

Successful completion of the training program ensures the following:

  •    I have read and understand the Financial Operations Cash Handling Policy and Procedures.
  •    I accept responsibility for the university funds I handle, or oversee, and will abide by the Cash Handling Policy and Procedures.
  •    I understand that failure to comply with the Cash Handling Policy and Procedures is cause for disciplinary and/or legal action. 

SFS User Quick Help Documents

SFS User Quick Help - Clearing Browser Cache


The Procure-to-Pay Automation Project (P2P) is a system-wide effort to transform purchasing and accounts payable processes.  This new procurement and payment platform is called ShopUW+ and was launched April 16, as a milestone in phase 1 of the project.  For more information about the project, visit the P2P Automation Project website.

  • A ShopUW+ Essentials website has been developed as a central hub to access all training resources, get updates, and access the ShopUW+ tool.  
  • To learn how ShopUW+ will function, there are several short videos available on the P2P project YouTube playlist.  Video topics include: Inside the P2P Project, Visibility to Status, Contract Repository, Roles and Workflow, Shared Supplier File, Vendors, User Support, and Business Process Transformation.

 Entering Funding & SpeedCharts in SUW+

If you would like more help or guidance, please contact UWSP Purchasing at  


Travel Training  (PowerPoint slides from training sessions)

Travel Guides

Creating an Expense Report

Selecting Business Purpose and Expense Types

Expense Type Specific

Approving Reports (HR and Expense Managers)