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Office of the Registrar

Steps in Reporting Attendance 

UWSP Attendance Roster Policy

The Attendance Roster is located the myCourses module of myPoint.

  1. The attendance roster pre-assigns all students as Attending 
    If all your students are in attendance, click the "Update Attendance” button and you will have satisfied the commenced attendance policy of the university.

    • If a student notified you that they will be absent - consider the student as attending.
    • If you have not been contacted about a student's absence - you may report the student as never attended.

  2. Reporting students as Never Attended
    During the first eight days of the term, any student reported as "Never Attended" will be administratively dropped from the section within the next 1 to 2 business days.  After the eighth day of the term, students will NOT be administratively dropped but you may still use the the Attendance Roster to report students that have stopped attending class. 

    • If a student is administratively dropped, reinstatement into the same section or course is NOT guaranteed.
    • To be reinstated, the student MUST submit a completed Add/Drop Form to the Enrollment Services Center (ESC) OR the instructor may email or call 715-346-3300 the ESC.

  3. Last Attended on Date
    If a student has stopped attending, use the Attendance Roster to report a "Last Attended on Date." Use your best estimate to select a last date of attendance. 

  4. If a student that you reported as not attending begins attending class again, please update your Attendance Roster (before the end of the term) so that the student is listed as "Attending." 
    • After you click Update Attendance, a message appears indicating the process has been completed. 
    • After you enter changes, remember to always click the Update Attendance button. 
  • Only the instructor of record can report attendance information.

  • The Enrollment Services Center will email all students reported as never attending or stopped attending. 

  • Courses dropped during the first eight days of the term are considered a "Clear Drop" and will NOT appear on the student’s transcript.

  • Students are officially responsible for dropping their courses.  We are relying on faculty to report non-attending students, but if a student stops attending (and they were not reported as non-attending), the student need to officially drop the course prior to the 10th week of the term. If the course is not dropped, grades of F will be assigned by the instructor.