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Professional Competency Program

The Professional Competency Program (PCP) helps future teachers become confident mathematicians, readers and writers through one-on-one tutoring with a professional staff member. The PCP helps students:
  • Develop quality, professional skills;
  • Explore their attitudes about math, reading and/or writing;
  • Become familiar with the math, reading and/or writing processes;
  • Appreciate the importance of mathematics, reading and/or writing in the teaching of all disciplines.

Praxis Subject Assessment (formerly Praxis II) Study Group for ECE, Elementary, & Special Ed Majors and Minors

The School of Education offers an organized, 4 hour, group study session for early childhood, elementary, and special education majors/minors. At the study session, students answer sample test questions and discuss, as a group, the information being covered. Students who are interested in attending a Group Study Session are encouraged to attend the session one-year prior to taking the actual test, typically this means spring of your sophomore year.

For upcoming Study Group dates, visit the School of Education Advising, Recruitment & Retention website.  

Praxis Subject Assessment (formerly Praxis II) Preparation Flashcards 

The School of Education Advising, Recruitment & Retention Office has Praxis Subject Assessment (formerly Praxis II) flashcards for all of our teaching  majors and minors.

These flashcards available for a free, one-week check out. To reserve a set of flashcards, please contact the School of Education Advising, Recruitment & Retention Office at 715-346-2040.

Praxis Subject Assessment (formerly Praxis II) Online Preparation available for ECE, Elementary, Special Education majors/minors and Secondary English, Math, Science and Social Science

Cost $20. The School of Education offers online Praxis Subject Assessment (formely Praxis II) support for the following teaching majors/minors: Early Childhood, Elementary Education, Special Education and Secondary English, Math, Science, and Social Science. To register for UWSP's Plato Learning, bring the $20 fee to the SOE Advising, Recruitment and Retention Office, 469 CPS. Students will gain access and directions via email to Plato Learning within 3 business days of registering.

Support for Foundations of Reading Test for WI Test 

​​The School of Education offers a preparation materials, including an in-person workshop, for the Foundations of Reading Test for Wisconsin. For upcoming workshop dates and study materials, visit the School of Education's Foundations of Reading Test for WI website​.



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