LIFE - Frequently Asked Questions

​Online Registration

I forgot my password; can you tell me what it is?
No, we aren’t able to retrieve your password, but you can click on “I forgot my password” at the bottom of the logon page and you’ll receive a new password via email. 
I’ve NEVER registered online during fall 2016, but I did register for fall 2016 classes. How do I log into my account and register online?
An online account was automatically created for you when you registered in the fall. Your email address is your logon, however you will need to change the default password to something you will remember. Enter your email address, click “I have an account,” and then click the link that says “I forgot my password.”
How do I register for new classes or cancel my existing selections?
When you re-enter your account (using your logon and password), click on "edit" to add or cancel additional classes. Next you will see a summary of the classes you have already registered for. Find your name mid-way down the page and click on the "edit" link next to it. Then add or cancel classes following the instructions in blue text.
I see some classes in December that have check marks in the boxes by their titles. I don’t want to register for them a second time - should I uncheck the boxes?
If you remove the check marks, you will cancel your registration for those classes; only remove check marks if you don’t plan to attend the class. 

Class & Trip Information

Classes are presented by LIFE members, visiting experts, and other community members. They include discussion groups, lectures, field trips, music/theater events and more.  
How do I propose a class?
Anyone, including non-members, may propose a class for the Curriculum Committee’s review. Planning for winter/spring classes (classes held January – May) occurs in late August – early November. Planning for summer/fall classes (classes held August – December) occurs in February – April. LIFE does not typically offer classes during the summer. Proposal forms are located in LIFE’s online Resource Library.
I am on a waiting list. How will I be notified if I can attend?
If space becomes available in a class or trip, we will call you. Often, the notice will come only 24 hours before a class. If you are waitlisted for a class or trip with a fee and a spot doesn’t open up, we will refund you shortly after the event has occurred.
Can a non-member join me on an excursion?
You may bring a non-member along on a trip if space is available. Members receive priority during registration. 
May I bring an out-of-town guest to a class? 
Yes, if space is available.
How do I find a map or directions to a class or trip?
Maps and directions are located in LIFE’s online Resource Library.   

Where can I find information about the class location? 
Your personalized class schedule including locations was emailed to you as an attachment when you originally registered for your classes. Please look at the attachment included with your email receipt when you had registered. 

Membership & Program Information

When will my membership expire? 
Memberships expire annually on June 30th. First-time members who join during the spring session (January – May) will receive membership through the next school year. Example: If Joe joins LIFE for the first time in February 2014 his membership will be valid until June 30, 2015.
May I join for a single semester?  
No, memberships are annual.  
When are the LIFE program guides usually published?
Spring guides are mailed in early December. Fall guides are mailed in mid-July. 
What is your cancellation policy?
Sorry, no refunds for cancellations. However, for trips and other events with fees you may send a substitute (member or non-member) in your place. Please notify UWSP Continuing Education (715-346-3838) of cancellations and substitutions as soon as possible.   
Where can I park on campus?
Metered parking lots are shown on the UWSP campus map located in LIFE’s online Resource Library.  
Are classes ever cancelled due to weather conditions?  
-LIFE classes held at UWSP:
LIFE classes will be cancelled if UWSP closes for a snow day. LIFE classes will be cancelled if an instructor cancels class. If an instructor cancels classes, you will be notified first by email and then by phone as time permits. 
-LIFE classes held at the Lincoln Center:
Classes held at the Lincoln Center will be cancelled if a snow day is announced for Stevens Point area schools. 


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