Dichotomous Tree Identification Key

What is a dichotomous key? A dichotomous key is one tool that can be used to identify trees. This type of key is also used for flowers, animals, rocks, fish, and more!
A dichotomous key contains a series of choices that lead the user to the correct name of an item. "Dichotomous" means "divided into two parts." Therefore, a dichotomous key will always give you two choices in each step.
How to use this key
1) Use the leaves from a tree or find a picture of a tree you want to identify and click on the most appropriate match to the right.
2) Click one of the numbers below to identify one of our mystery trees. If you end up with two matching pictures you have identified the tree correctly.















Picture (181x138, 3.2Kb)Picture (228x152, 5Kb) 


Picture (185x241, 8Kb) 12bark.jpg

Picture (166x126, 5.3Kb) Picture (171x148, 5.3Kb)
Picture (223x166, 5.5Kb) 






18bark.jpgPicture (155x202, 5.9Kb) 
Picture (165x124, 4.7Kb)Picture (166x123, 3.3Kb) 


Picture (150x220, 9.7Kb) 
  Picture (127x120, 9.2Kb)Picture (165x112, 3Kb)
  Picture (177x163, 5.3Kb)


Picture (206x155, 6Kb)Picture (113x151, 2.9Kb)
Picture (129x117, 2.8Kb)  Picture (158x119, 3.1Kb)
Picture (239x179, 6.3Kb) 


Picture (124x173, 5.3Kb) Picture (125x182, 5.6Kb)Picture (101x152, 3.3Kb)
Photo - leaf  Picture (111x75, 9Kb)  


Picture (153x201, 7Kb) Picture (180x237, 8.1Kb) 
Picture (209x162, 3.7Kb) 
Picture (231x173, 5.3Kb) 


Picture (162x304, 12Kb)Picture (98x144, 4Kb)Picture (114x174, 5.9Kb) 
Picture (159x197, 5.8Kb)  Picture (188x144, 7.7Kb)


Picture (199x266, 6.9Kb)Picture (113x150, 3.8Kb) 
Picture (201x149, 4.5Kb)Picture (188x135, 5.4Kb) 






Picture (157x154, 4.1Kb)Picture (215x159, 4.8Kb) 





















Picture (143x108, 2.9Kb) 



 Identify Here

<DIV id='TreeKeyDiv'><span id='TreeKeyTitle'><a href='http://www.uwsp.edu/cnr-ap/leaf/Pages/TreeKey/treeToIdentify.aspx?feature=needles'>Tree has needles</a></span><br/><span id='TreeKeyEx'>Coniferous Trees<a id='ResultLink' href=''></a></span><br/><img id='TreeKeyImg' src='http://www.uwsp.edu/cnr-ap/leaf/SiteAssets/images/treekey/18needles.jpg'></DIV>
<DIV id='TreeKeyDiv'><span id='TreeKeyTitle'><a href='http://www.uwsp.edu/cnr-ap/leaf/Pages/TreeKey/treeToIdentify.aspx?feature=broadLeaves'>Tree has broad leaves</a></span><br/><span id='TreeKeyEx'>Deciduous Trees<a id='ResultLink' href=''></a></span><br/><img id='TreeKeyImg' src='http://www.uwsp.edu/cnr-ap/leaf/SiteAssets/images/treekey/6leaf.jpg'></DIV>
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