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Citizen Lake Monitoring Network

Citizen Lake Monitoring Network Overview

The Citizen Lake Monitoring Network (CLMN) creates a bond between over 1000 citizen volunteers statewide and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR). Our goals are to collect high quality data, educate and empower volunteers, and share this data and knowledge.
Volunteers can:
  1. Measure water clarity (using the Secchi Disk method)
  2. Collect chemistry, temperature, and dissolved oxygen data
  3. Identify and map native plants
  4. Identify and map aquatic invasive species (i.e. Eurasian Water Milfoil, Zebra Mussels, Curly Leaf Pondweed, Purple Loosestrife, Rusty Crayfish, etc.)
DNR and University of Wisconsin-Extension staff provide volunteers with the necessary equipment and training. Volunteers provide their time, expertise, energy and a willingness to share information with their lake association or other lake users. The information gathered by the volunteers is used by DNR lake biologists, fisheries experts and water regulation and zoning staff, as well as by UW-Extension, lake associations and other interested individuals.
How to Get Involved
For more information contact
Laura Herman, Citizen Lake Monitoring Network Education Specialist
(715) 365-8998
Or go to
The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources site
at (exit WLP)

News and Updates

Be on alert for aquatic invasive species - no boat or waders needed! This handbook is an easy-to-follow protocol designed for citizens to survey at public boat launches, parks, bridges, or other shoreline access on lakes and rivers. Perfect for concerned citizens and waterfront property owners who wish to assist in aquatic invasive species detection.

Volunteering for 20 years with the same group is a big deal!  Read interviews from dedicated volunteers who have spent hundred, even thousands of hours on the lake gathering vital water quality data.  In some cases, the volunteer data is the only data that exists for a particular waterbody.  Read their stories here  


Wisconsin Citizen Lake Monitoring Training Manual - Water Quality​ (3rd Edition revised 2014) (full version, 3.7 MB) (exit to DNR)


Wisconsin Citizen Lake Monitoring Training Manual - Chemistry Procedures (3rd Edition revised 2013 - full version 6.8 MB) 

Wisconsin Citizen Lake Monitoring Training Manual - AIS Monitoring​  (revised 2014)  (full version, 18MB PDF)
To access specific chapters, go to the publications page

Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) songs - another tool to help prevent the spread 
Here you will find lists/maps of waterbodies in Wisconsin where Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) have been verified.  These files are now updated as new information is submitted throughout the year. 
Forms for Volunteers (exit to DNR)
Volunteers can now download AIS monitoring forms and ice on/off forms. 

DNR Regional CLMN Coordinators
These coordinators are your primary contact for equipment, reports and additional training opportunities.
CLMN & AIS Statewide Contacts
These contacts cover statewide issues in their area of expertise.
Wisconsin DNR Lake Coordinators
These coordinators work on lake planning and protection grants, as well as AIS grants.