WSAW Your Town: UWSP School of Design
WSAW Channel 7 Wausau

By Heather Foster

While art budgets are getting cut from some colleges, creativity is alive and well on the campus of UWSP.

UWSP School of Design. December 2019 (WSAW-TV)

Some changes to the School of Design will hopefully only further push that vision along.

Grant Grabow is a junior. He said he was happy to get into the program right away.

“You don’t have to spend your first year or your first two years just doing gen eds. Which is actually really nice, because you get to start essentially in a major that you want to be in right away while building the background from other colleges,” he explained.

Two summers ago, talks began about how several of the various design majors actually had intersecting focuses, so it seemed only fitting to merge and collaborate between various departments.


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