“History Homecoming” exhibit will showcase decades of University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point’s history

​This commemorative spoon will be on display as part of a 125th
anniversary exhibit at UW-Stevens Point this fall.

WAOW Channel 9 Wausau

​By Rashad Williams

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point celebrated its “History Homecoming” on Friday, commemorating 125 years.

The university is asking anyone who has attended the institution over the last 125 years, to bring in any memorabilia for an exhibit that will showcase five eras of the institution.

“We think that we should preserve the past in order to benefit the future,” Cary Elza, Chair for the Historic Preservation Sub Committee said. “From it’s very founding as a Normal School in 1894, to Central State Teachers College, to Wisconsin State College, to Wisconsin State University and then University of Wisconsin Stevens Point.”

Organizers say the objects are more than “just objects” and that the items all tell a story.


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