WAOW: UW-System gives nursing students incentive to aid in COVID-19 crisis
WAOW Channel 9 Wausau

​By Amanda Lojewski

It's the perfect time to earn and learn.

Nursing students from the University of Wisconsin System have the opportunity to help administer COVID-19 vaccines, but that's not all.

"They (nursing students) could really advance their own experience and careers while truly helping people," said Rebecca Sommer, Assistant Dean for the School of Health Sciences and Wellness and the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point (UWSP).

Approximately 4,000 UW-System nursing students will get real-life experience during a pandemic. The system is initiating an incentive for these students to help our local healthcare workers on the frontlines.

Rebecca said, "there are two parts to the incentive the first is to provide patient care in hospitals clinics long-term nursing facilities for the COVID surge."


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