WAOW: Mental Health Services are helping students stay in college, but more are needed
WAOW TV 9 Wausau

​By Bobby Falat

When it comes to student success, mental health services are playing a crucial role.

"When you're a college student your grades are your life, and it's basically preparing you for your future and so all that stress can be very overbearing on a student so that's why mental health resources are so crucial," explained Chloe Foss, UW-Stevens Point Student.

At UWSP it can often take up to three weeks for a student to get in to see a counselor. Right now, the university has five counselors helping about 400 to 600 students each year. They say they need more.

"It's always this balance of quantity verses quality. We need to make sure we're providing quality services as well as getting to as many students as we can and we are trying to balance that," said Stacey Gerken, director of the Counseling Center, UWSP.

UW System officials asked the state for $10 million so they can hire more counselors. However, that request was denied.


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