Therapy dog helps UWSP students relieve student stress during finals week

‚ÄčTucker greets students at UW-Stevens Point.

Portage County Gazette

By Joe Bachman

For this traditionally stressful finals week, a dog is a student's best friend.

As finals week looms over thousands of UW-Stevens Point students, so do heightened levels of stress. Fortunately, with the help of UW-Stevens Point Sergeant Trina James, students can take a much needed break from studying to indulge in the unconventional love a dog can offer.

Tucker is a specially trained labradoodle for reducing stress in individuals. Therapy dogs can help comfor those with mental health issues to sexual assault survivors, and more. In great need of support this week in particular are UWSP students in finals week.

"He's just there for emotional support," said James. "When people come to pet him and play with him, you can see people's eyes light up. It's the best part of my day."


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