UW-Stevens Point to host International Aquaponics Conference
The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point will host its first international gathering of aquaponic experts on June 19-21.
“The International Aquaponics Conference: Aquaponics and Global Food Security” will bring together individuals with the goal of making an impact on food quality, security and sustainability using aquaponic methods, in which fish and plants are grown together in a symbiotic environment. Industry experts will share experience and knowledge in a fun and informative conference setting, providing participants a wealth of information on the rapidly growing aquaponics industry.
Those who should attend include current and prospective aquaponic growers, educators, ministers of agriculture, government representatives and those who manage agriculture, food and health regulations.
Conference highlights include:
  • the latest in aquaponic technology, methods and applications;
  • information from industry experts about aquaponics and how it is feeding people around the world;
  • discussions on its use in commercial, education, mission and integrated systems as well as food safety, fish feeds and regulations;
  • a poster contest and prizes for student aquaponic research;
  • demonstrations by local chefs on a variety of ways to prepare aquaponically grown fish and vegetables, with samples of the culinary creations;
  • tours of a 5,000-square-foot aquaponic greenhouse;
  • a Wisconsin-style picnic featuring samples of the state’s finest cheese, bratwurst and beverages; and
  • the launch and first meeting of the International Aquaponic Society, a UWSP Foundation organization dedicated to aquaponic research and education. 
For more information and registration, visit www.uwsp.edu/AquaponicsConference or contact UW-Stevens Point Continuing Education at 1-800-898-9472 or 715-346-3838.

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