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Veterans Education Benefits & Financial Aid

NOTE: If you register in courses of different lengths you should be aware that your pay rates may vary.
           The following situations apply to undergraduate students only:

During a fall or spring term you must be registered for at least 12 credits that cover the whole 16-week period of the term to be at the full time rate. Example 1: You have 12 credits and all the courses start on the first day of the term and end on the last day (16 weeks)—you will be paid the full time rate. Example 2: You have 10 credits of full semester courses and 2 credits of second eight week courses—the VA would consider you 75% for the first 8 weeks and pay you 3/4 rate for the first half of the term. You would be paid at the full time rate for the last half of the semester.

During a summer session the rate of pay is determined by the number of credits enrolled in during any specified time period. Example 1: You have one 3-credit course running 8 weeks (considered 1/2 time by itself) and another 3-credit course meeting during the first four of the same eight weeks (considered full-time by itself), you will be paid at the full-time rate during the first four weeks and 1/2 time during the next four. Example 2: You enroll in two 3-credit courses, both covering the same 8-week time period, you will be paid at the full-time rate for that 8-week period.

Credit load is calculated differently for graduate students — contact the Veteran Coordinator for more information. 

  • Click here for information regarding your federal military educational benefits
  • Click here for information regarding the WI GI Bill
  • Click here for tuition assistance programs 
Wisconsin veterans eligible for both the WI GI Bill and the federal Post 9/11 GI Bill should contact the Veteran Coordinator to determine coordination and payment details for these benefits. 
Post 9/11 Benefit rates are calculated differently than the method described above. These benefits are paid based on rate of pursuit. For example, a student taking 10 credits in the fall will be paid 10/12 or 80% of the base BAH rate (rounding rules apply). 

Financial Aid

It is strongly recommended that all veteran students apply for federal financial aid at . Please visit the UWSP Financial Aid department for additional detailed information which includes suggested application timelines and financial aid disbursement dates. 

A Financial Aid Shopping Sheet is available upon request for undergraduate and graduate service members, veterans, military spouses, and other military family members. The Shopping Sheet is a consumer tool that is designed to simplify information that prospective students can receive about costs and financial aid so that they may make informed decisions about which postsecondary institution to attend. It is an easy-to-read form that enables students to compare institutions in terms of grant and scholarship amounts, net costs, graduation rates, loan default rates, median borrowing, and estimated monthly loan payments after graduation. Contact the Financial Aid Office if you've completed a FAFSA and would like to receive a Shopping Sheet. Be sure to list your name, UWSP student ID, current address and contact information on the request.

IMPORTANT NOTE -- All students receiving either the Montgomery GI BILL Active Duty or Selected Reserve benefits MUST verify their enrollments monthly to receive payments. This verification can be done either by using the Web Automated Verification of Enrollment (WAVE) OR by calling 1-877-823-2378 (IVR) and following the prompts. Note: Generally, your VA claim number is your Social Security number. If classes start in September, you would use this on September 30 (last day of the month) or early October to verify your September enrollment.

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