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Web Registration FAQ

Will I be able to get help if I have problems registering on the web?
Each of the web registration screens have a HELP button that you can click for information. You can also click here for complete on-line instructions for registering on the web. If you register from one of the campus’ computer labs, you can ask the lab assistant for help. Finally, you can always call or email the Enrollment Services Center, 106 SSC, (715-346-3300) and request answers to particular questions you might have.

What if I don’t know my Logon or Password?
If you can’t logon or you forgot your password, check here for information.

Will there still be appointment times for registering?
Yes, we will continue to assign appointment times to register based on the number of earned credits. Students with the most credits will have the earliest appointment times and students with the fewest credits will have the last appointment times. You will be able to register anytime on or after your appointment time provided you don’t have any “holds”.

What is a Hold?
A hold is an obligation that must be met before you can register. For example, if you have an outstanding past due balance on your account, you will have a “hold” that must be removed before you will be able to register. All holds must be cleared with the appropriate person or office before you register.

Will I be required to see my advisor?
Yes, university policy requires all undergraduate students pursuing a degree to meet with their advisor. You will have a “hold” on your web registration appointment screen until you meet with your advisor. Once you’ve met with your advisor, your advisor will access a screen and set an indicator to release the “hold” which will then be removed from your registration appointment screen.

What if I don’t have an advisor or I change my major?
If you don’t have an advisor, you will need to ask the department chair of your major to assign an advisor to you. If you change your major, you will need to go to the department chair of your new major to declare that major. If the department approves your declaration of a major, the department will assign an advisor to you. When the name of your current advisor appears on your registration appointment screen, make an appointment with that advisor.

How will I access the web registration system?
You will be able to access the system through or through the “Academics Tab” at You may want to “bookmark” one or both of these websites for quick access to the web registration screen.

When will I be able to access the web registration system?
You will be able to view your registration appointment time and other related information the weekend following the 6th week of classes. We will send you an email to inform you when you may access your registration appointment time.

Will I be able to drop and add classes on the web?
Yes, once you have registered, you will be able to return to the web to drop and add classes up until certain deadlines. For example, you will be able to drop and add 16-week classes on the web through the 8th day of the fall and spring terms. The deadline to drop and add during the winterim and summer terms will be the day before the start of the term.

What if I need approval to get into a course?
Most approvals will be granted electronically. For example, departments can electronically authorize you to enroll in permission required, closed, independent study, or internship courses. They can also electronically approve study overloads of 18-20 credits and first repeats of courses in which grades of D+, D or F were earned. When the department grants an authorization electronically, you will be able to see that authorization on your registration appointment screen at or the “Academics Tab” at Once your registration appointment time has arrived and you have removed any registration holds, you may proceed to register on the web for the courses for which you were authorized. For example, if you requested and were granted an electronic authorization to enroll in a closed course and section, you will be able to go to the web and add that course, provided the added credits don’t result in a credit overload for which you do not have authorization.

What if I don’t register for a course for which I received an authorization?
If you decide not to register for a course for which you were granted an electronic authorization, the departments would want you to delete the authorization so that they can make it available to another student. Simply click on the “Delete” button following the authorization. That will send an email to the department notifying them that you have deleted the authorization.

What if the approval is not granted electronically?
There are several actions that departments will not be able to grant electronically such as approval to audit a class, to repeat a class in which a grade of C- or better was earned, to enroll for 21 or more credits, and several other actions. Generally, these actions involve very few students and do not warrant the development of screens to grant the authorization electronically. In these cases, you will need to obtain the authorization in writing on a form and bring that form to the Registration and Records Office to be processed.

What if the approval is granted electronically but I register in person?
All electronic authorizations can be viewed by you and by the Registration and Records Office staff. If you decide to register in person and you were granted an electronic authorization to register in a Permission Required course, the Registration and Records Office will be able to verify that you were granted the authorization electronically when you appear in person to register for the course.


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