Police and Security Services Staff

Police and Security Services Director, Police Chief Brian Bridges:
715-346-3456, bbridges@uwsp.edu
Assistant Director, Security Officer John Taylor:
715-346-3450, jtaylor@uwsp.edu

Police Services Associate/Operations Manager, Carrie Wojchik
715-346-3456, cwojchik@uwsp.edu
Police Officer, Nic Barker:
715-346-3456, nic.barker@uwsp.edu
Police Officer, Ryan Mannes
715-346-3456, ryan.mannes@uwsp.edu
Police Officer, Paul Zalewski:
715-346-3456, pzalewsk@uwsp.edu

Police Officer, Adam Wachowiak:
715-346-3456, awachowi@uwsp.edu

Police Officer, Joseph Clark:
715-346-3456, jclark@uwsp.edu

Security Officer/Student Patrol Coordinator, Dave Cummings:
715-346-3040,  dcumming@uwsp.edu