​Our Mission

The Department of Philosophy includes the disciplines of Philosophy, Religious Studies, and Anthropology. Together our classes enable students to advance their skills in critical thinking, reading, writing, and oral communication that prepare students to participate meaningfully in environments characterized by cultural, religious, and philosophical diversity.

Alumni Testimonials

Studying philosophy at UW-Stevens Point was a life-altering decision that affected me in multiple ways, both then and now. My hunger for wisdom and seeking answers to life’s “big questions” were certainly met. I was challenged to think deeply about the most serious issues such as the nature of my existence, religion and society. Concepts such as true self-examination and self-understanding are encouraged by a faculty that handles these subjects with tact. Furthermore, while they presented me with a range of different ideas, I was always encouraged to write and speak my mind. At every juncture, the professors were not only the “sage on the stage” but also the “guide by the side,” even as I minored in religious studies. I still stay in touch with such a supportive faculty!At a more tangible level, the rigorous curriculum developed my critical thinking skills and enhanced my writing, research and communication abilities. Philosophy at UWSP was a fantastic springboard to my success in graduate school. The mentoring from my philosophy professors helped acquire me a fully funded offer for an MA in Christian Doctrine from Marquette University. This led to a position teaching theology at a local Catholic high school—a dream come true for any Christian who studies philosophy.

Malachi Cate
Class of 2011
Theology Teacher
Studying in the Philosophy Department at UWSP was the most intellectually enriching activity I've ever pursued.  My professors, several of whom remained my close friends after graduation, taught me to think about complex and important issues analytically and critically while at the same time encouraging empathetic and generous evaluations of positions different from mine.  Students engaged with their own independent research projects will find the faculty enthusiastic and helpful, and UWSP offers many opportunities for students to present their work in a conference environment.  My professors were dedicated to my intellectual development; faculty members met with me in their offices, in coffee shops, in restaurants, and even in their homes to provide support and mentoring.  Philosophy Department graduates leave with communication and thinking skills applicable to any future career and well-equipped to continue their education in top graduate programs nationwide.  Thanks to the support and training I received from my Philosophy professors at UWSP, I was admitted (with funding) to five Ph.D. programs in political science, three of which were ranked in the top 15 nationwide.
Devin Christensen
Class of 2012
Graduate Student
"Religion is a force that both quietly and outwardly moves and shapes cultures and societies. As it is ever an undercurrent, the study of religion can inform and deepen understanding of nearly all other disciplines. The UWSP Religious Studies department, along with its partners in Philosophy and Anthropology, offers a comprehensive and empathetic approach to the study of faith and culture, providing its students with a lens through which to examine and turn over the world. In an age of progressive globalization, the ability to manage this sort of lens and its corresponding compassionate worldview is growing all the more important. The lessons about humanity I learned in my time as a RS student have served me greatly in my career as a businesswoman and working artist, and helped me to understand my role as a citizen of the world."
Erin McConnell
Class of 2003
"There is no doubt in my mind that studying philosophy at UWSP was the single greatest decision I ever made as a student and that it has had a profound impact on both my law school success and development as a lawyer. UWSP's Philosophy program provided me with the ability to think clearly and logically, as well as to analyze issues from all angles without making unnecessary assumptions. In this regard, a philosophy student is well-prepared to quickly analyze the complex and controversial legal arguments in both oral and written settings that law school and the legal profession demands on a daily basis. Most important, a philosophy background ensures the individual is a clear and careful thinker--an attribute that bodes well for a career in law. My successes and career are wholly attributable to my philosophy background, as those core skills are immensely important in both my career and everyday life."
Jacob Haseman
Class of 2003
“As a Ph.D. graduate student, my training and support in philosophy at UW-Stevens Point has been invaluable. The course offerings covered the basics that any graduate should know about the history of philosophy, contemporary areas, how to think analytically, and helped facilitate the development of one’s own philosophy. There was also enough specialized coursework and diversity of faculty interest that I was able to graduate having a fairly clear idea of what I wanted to pursue in my graduate studies. … The demanding yet encouraging atmosphere at Stevens Point was certainly a significant reason why I went to graduate school (with funding), and why I was able to complete my Master’s degree in a timely manner with a 4.0 GPA and move seamlessly into my PhD program at Michigan State University in ethics, philosophy of science, and environmental philosophy. Philosophy at Stevens Point was exciting and challenging, and that more than anything else has kept me going.”
Elizabel D. Mauritz
Class of 2002
Graduate Student