​Find frequently asked questions below.

 Where does Parking Services revenue go?

The revenue is used to pay all costs of providing parking at the University including new construction, maintenance, plowing, and other routine expenses. Parking is prohibited from using tuition or tax generated revenue.

 How can I avoid getting parking citations?

  • Purchase and display appropriate parking permit

  • Put enough money in the meters to cover all the time you may need

  • Allow enough time to get to and from class

  • Follow instructions on signs

 I locked my keys in my vehicle or my vehicle broke down in one of the lots, what should I do?

​Call Parking Services and relay the problem to prevent receiving a citation. The university cannot assist in unlocking your vehicle for liability reasons.

 Where do I report damage to my car that occurred while parked on campus?

​Any damage should be reported to UWSP  Police and Security. The university assumes no responsibility for the damage.

 I noticed a physical hazard in a parking lot that may pose a problem (glass, damaged meters), who should I contact?

​Please contact Parking Services, 715-346-3900

 I parked at a meter that was malfunctioning, what can I do?

​You can continue to park at the meter, but you MUST call Parking Services and report the meter number, problem, and your license plate to prevent a citation. An officer will be sent to fix the meter.

 Are meter areas enforced 24-7?

​Meters are enforced Monday-Friday 6am-7pm. Meters are open Monday-Friday 7pm-2am and on weekends. Parking is prohibited in metered areas every night, 2am-6am - no overnight parking allowed.

 What if I bring a different car to campus?

​Your parking permit is a hang tag that can be moved to another vehicle.

 I have several vehicles, do I have to purchase a separate permit for each?

​You can register multiple vehicles in your parking account (where you purchase your permit). One permit can be transfered between your vehicles, but not to a different person. Only one vehicle can be on campus at a time.

 I no longer need my permit, what can I do with it?

​Permits can be returned to the Parking Services Office for a partial refund throughout the fall semester prior to the start of Sping semester. Refunds are not given during Spring semester or summer. Resale or transfer of your permit is prohibited and you will be responsible for any citations associated with permit.

 Where can I park when classes/exams are not in session?

​All UWSP parking lots are enforced year round and regulations are in effect. There are a few exceptions for Spring break and the days between Christmas and New Years.

 Can I park on the street?

Street parking is enforced by the Stevens Point Police Department and all questions can be directed to them at https://www.stevenspoint.com/27/Government.
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