Smart guidance for students. Strategic care by advisers, faculty and staff. Analytics for administrators.

At UW-Stevens Point, we're proud to offer our students, faculty, staff and administrators Navigate, a collaborative student success platform designed to transform the student experience through personalized and interactive support. Navigate will be launched to new students, professional and career advisers and Diversity and College Access staff in fall 2019–and will roll out to all students, faculty, staff and administrators spring 2020 and beyond.

With Navigate, we're able to cultivate an intelligent campus, deeply and seamlessly wired to empower students and those who care for them with the information and tools to realize their full potential by making smarter choices at each step of the educational journey.

But what does that actually mean to you?

For Students

You're able to focus on what matters through one streamlined app.

The Navigate Student App features:

Navigate Student App Screenshots

To access the app:

App Icons
  • Search and download "Navigate Student" in Google Play or the App Store
  • Search in the app for "Stevens Point"
  • Use the same username and password you use for all your university accounts
  • Remember to enable push notifications for updates and reminders!

For those without a smartphone or other mobile device, Navigate is also available on desktops at

For Faculty & Staff

Navigate provides a streamlined way to provide smart, strategic, coordinated care across a student's journey at UWSP—everything from faculty feedback on student progress to cross-campus referrals. Stay tuned for more information in spring 2020 for Phase 2 care units!

Faculty & Staff Navigate Login

For Administrators

Navigate provides cutting-edge intelligence through analytics components, including institution-specific historical trend analytics, predictive analytics, population health analytics and analysis of support service use and efficacy. Navigate Intelligence will be available starting late fall 2019.

For more on Navigate, check out these resources:

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