The Cen​tral Wisconsin Mathematics League​​

The Central Wisconsin Math League was started in 1970 as a joint venture of 22 area high schools, Sentry Insurance, Wausau Insurance, and The University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point. The initial idea of the CWML was developed from talks between Howard Thoyre and Charles Johnson of the UW-Stevens Point Department of Mathematics, John Regnier of Sentry Insurance, and Cal Chamberlain and Cal Hessart of Wausau Insurance during the fall of 1970. Their idea was to create a greater interest in the subject of mathematics for high school students while they were participating in their secondary mathematics courses, and to expose them to some of the great careers relating to mathematics, particularly those in the insurance industry. The first committee of faculty members from UWSP which organized the CWML included Howard Thoyre, Richard Schoenecker and Wayne Wild.

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