Library Resources 101 (LRES 101)

 Course Catalog Description

LRES 101. Information Literacy Skills for College-Level Research (1 cr, pass/fail)

Introduction to the Library's resources and development of information literacy skills through innovative methods designed to support college-level research and lifelong learning.

LR 101 Partial Syllabus with Course Details and Learning Goals.pdf


Fall 2019

Section 1 (Sept. 3 -- Dec. 13)

Wednesday, 10:00–10:50 a.m., ALB 107*
Instructor: Dave Dettman 
Office: ALB 104A • Phone: 346-4206 • Email:
Syllabus: TBA

Section 2 (8 week session Oct. 28 -- Dec. 13)

Monday and Wednesday, 11:00–11:50 p.m., ALB 107*
Instructor: Nerissa Nelson 
Office: ALB 104A • Phone: 346-4204 • Email:
Syllabus: TBA

* This class moves to different locations throughout the semester. Please consult your syllabus or check the syllabus posted on the instructor's office door.

Spring 2020

Section 1 (8 weeks during second half of semester 100% Online)

Instructor: Troy Espe 
Office: ALB 104C • Phone: 346-4443 • Email:
Syllabus: TBA

 Learning Objectives

Accessing Information

  • Selecting information sources: students will be able to distinguish among various kinds of information retrieval systems and select those most appropriate for the research need.
    • Information discovery systems
    • Catalogs, article indexes and databases
    • Web search engines
  • Search techniques: students will be able to employ search strategies appropriate to the information retrieval systems selected.
    • Understands and uses advanced search
    • Understands and uses Boolean operators, understands and uses truncation
    • Understands search limits and uses them appropriately
    • Performs field searching
    • Understands how to refine searches
    • Identifies key terms and concepts
  • Retrieving information sources: students will be able to retrieve information sources of various kinds.
    • Determines availability of an information source at UWSP
    • Employs alternatives when an information source is not available at UWSP
    • Manages information effectively

Evaluating information

  • Students will be able to determine the reliability, validity, accuracy, authority, timeliness, and point of view or bias of information sources.
  • Students will be able to explain the meaning of "peer-reviewed" and determine whether a journal is peer-reviewed.

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