Remote Desktop

Windows Remote Desktop allows UWSP faculty and staff to connect securely to their UWSP office Windows computer from home or from on the road, giving you convenient access to your network storage and even special applications - just like working at your office computer screen.

Is Remote Desktop really secure?

When you connect to your office computer from another computer or device, your office computer will lock. Bystanders will see only a locked screen as you continue to work in the background. When you return to your office, you can unlock your computer screen by pressing the CTRL+ALT+DEL keys and entering your password.

Note: Before you can use remote desktop you may need to wake up your office computer. To do this visit

Use Remote Desktop to connect to your UWSP office Windows PC From a from a Windows 10 computer.

From your mobile device:

Apple Screen Sharing & Virtual Private Network

With Apple Screen Sharing and a Virtual Private Network (VPN) configured, faculty and staff can connect to an UWSP Apple computer (host) from another Apple computer (client).

Requirements to use this service:

  • A UWSP Apple computer running 10.8 or newer

  • A UWSP Apple computer must be joined to UWSP domain

  • A UWSP Apple computer with Screen Sharing Settings configured

  • A home or client computer running 10.6 or newer

  • A home or client computer with a UWSP VPN connection

To request installation of this service, please enter an IT work order.

Once your UWSP IT work order has been completed, follow the VPN Setup instructions to establish a connection from your home/client computer. Then connect to your UWSP Apple Computer following the Screen Sharing instructions.

Have questions? Please contact the Service Desk.