Faculty/Staff Usernames and Email Address Formats

Account name and User Principal Name

When a new faculty or staff member starts at UWSP, a user account, along with an email box, is created for business purposes. The complete username, which is called a User Principal Name, has three parts: the "account name" (also known as "logon name" or “username”); the "at" sign (i.e., @); and the "domain name" (i.e., uwsp.edu). For faculty and staff, their account name is typically the initial of their first name followed by the first seven characters of their last name. 

For example, our mascot, Stevie Pointer, would have the account name of "spointer" and his User Principal Name would be "spointer@uwsp.edu". 

Note: When logging into UWSP computers or accessing UWSP websites, all users should login with their User Principal Name. 

Account names must be unique, so if a new hire has a name that matches an account name pattern used by an existing employee, then a different pattern is used for that new hire. Often the new employee will receive an account name composed of the first 2 characters of the first name and up to 6 characters of the last name.

Email Address Formats

Each UWSP user account has multiple email addresses. The primary email address for Faculty/Staff follows the format of Firstname.Lastname@uwsp.edu. For example, Stevie Pointer's email address would be Stevie.Pointer@uwsp.edu .

Note: If a person prefers the use of a name other than their first name, they can create a new email address with their preferred name by setting their preferred name field in the Employee Self Reporting System. After setting their preferred name, an automated process will generate a new email address that has the format of PreferredName.Lastname@uwsp.edu.

Another common email format used at UWSP is the User Principal Name format. So, formats like spointer@uwsp.edu can be used to both log into computers and as an email address. However, the email address format of Stevie.Pointer@uwsp.edu can only be used as an email address and users cannot use it to log into computers.

Have questions about your email address formats?  Please contact the Service Desk.