Faculty/Staff Email Address Information

Email Alias for faculty/staff is composed of the first letter of the preferred first name followed by up to 7 characters of the last name.  To determine your preferred name log on to the Employee Self Reporting System.
*If the first and last names are the same as another UWSP faculty/staff person, the email alias will be composed of the first 2 characters of the first name and up to 6 characters of the last name.
Your default email address is composed of Preferred-First.Last@uwsp.edu.  If a preferred name is not available your default email address is composed of First.Last@uwsp.edu.   You should use your default email address to sign up for internet services and listservs.
You also have an email address that is composed of email_alias@uwsp.edu. If your first name and preferred name differ in the Employee Self Reporting System you will have an third email address of First.Last@uwsp.edu.

Name Alias Address
Jane Alsted jalsted Jane.Alsted@uwsp.edu (default)
Jole Smithers
Preferred First = Jole
First Name = Joleen
jsmither Jole.Smithers@uwsp.edu (default)
Jack Smithers
(Jole Smithers already exists)
jasmithe Jack.Smithers@uwsp.edu (default)

If your department has chosen to establish your mailbox with an off-campus email address messages can be addressed to you using your off-campus address or the standard UWSP addresses outlined above. All messages will be automatically delivered to your off-campus email address. You should use your off-campus email address to sign up for internet services and mailing lists.

All email addresses for a person deliver mail to a single account.