Business Cellular Service

The Wisconsin Department of Administration (DOA) has issued an Enterprise Policy: Cellular Telephone Services and Equipment effective January 18, 2005; revised August 15, 2008, and renamed to Wireless Handheld Voice and Data Services and Equipment Policy (Wireless Services). This policy applies to all State employees and all State-owned wireless devices including telephones, air cards, and tablets/iPads. This policy also supersedes any existing local agency or campus policies.

Wisconsin Department of Adminstration Policy

Individuals Reponsibilities
Wireless cellular devices, like any other State-owned equipment, assigned to an employee are done so for valid, job-related reasons. No equipment so assigned should be considered as part of a State benefit program. All individuals using a wireless handheld device while in the capacity of the State (whether State provided or not) shall be responsible for complying with this policy.

Department Responsibilities
Colleges, units and departments are responsible for complying with this policy.

Assignment Must be Cost Justified
The DOA policy requires that the additional operating costs of cellular service be cost justified and approved by an appropriate University official. Valid justification for an employee having a State-owned cellular device, or service, include: frequent travel; job responsibilities that require the employee to be out of the office for extended periods of time and require mobile communication in order to perform their job duties; employees who are continuously on call.

Cellular User Agrees To:

Supervisor (of Cell User) Agrees To:
  • Authorize the purchase of business cellular service, and accept responsibility for reviewing the charges.
  • Must receive, and retain, a completed Acknowledgement of Receipt of Enterprise Policy-Cellular Telephone Services and Equipment Form from the cellular user.
  • Receive a detailed cellular bill from Payment Services, and submit a copy to the cellular user for justification purposes.
  • Annually review the individual cellular phone assignments to determine if there is a continuing need, and it is cost-justified.  The Supervisor will receive a yearly report from the Telephone Support Office with phone assignments.
If you have additional questions, regarding UWSP Business Cellular Service, please contact the Telephone Support Office at 715-346-2562, or