Central Stores Work Unit

UWSP Central Stores maintains a comprehensive inventory of commonly used products and supplies by the entire campus including academic, administrative and service departments.  Although Central Stores maintains an on-line catalog, not all items inventoried are shown.  Please contact Central Stores directly at 715-346-4500 if you can't find an item you are looking for.

 Central Stores Hours of Operation: 8:00 am to 4:30 pm

If your item requested is not stocked in our Central Stores, please complete an 

To request a new stock item, fill out the New Stock Item Request Form then email it to the Central Stores Manager at stores@uwsp.edu 

**Please note that special items stocked at the request of a department that are not sold after a reasonable time (one year) will be charged to the requesting department and disposal of the items will be the responsibility of the requesting department.





 Important Things to Remember About Central Stores


• The student workers employed by Central Stores are an integral part of daily operations.  Student staff is responsible for organizing orders prior to delivery and for delivering orders to campus destinations. They are a vital asset to Central Stores.

• The UWSP Central Store operational philosophy includes JIT (Just-In-Time) purchasing for less frequently used items and electronically controlled inventories for items having more frequent use histories.

• Maintenance items removed from Central Stores by Facility Services staff are electronically scanned and linked to an associated work order via the Facility Services CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System).

• The UWSP Central Store manages approximately 2778 unique stock items.  The actual unit count for all of these products equals over 70,000 units.

• To assure the Central Stores inventory meets the needs of campus customers, it is checked annually and minimum/maximum stocking levels adjusted accordingly.  Items that have no circulation during this period are systematically eliminated from stock.

• To assure inventory & accounting accuracy, Central Stores utilizes bar code and scanning for all items in inventory and conducts a minimum of one physical inventory reconciliation annually.

• In most cases, if items are available via state contract, Central Stores is bound to purchase the item from the contract provider (rare exceptions may apply).  If items are not available via state contract, Central Stores staff will competitively quote the items to assure best pricing is obtained.
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