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*Please see "2020-2021 Common Council memberships and meeting schedules" located at
for current year committee, council, and subcommittee memberships and meeting schedules.
University Staff Council 
The University Staff Council has the authority to recommend to the Common Council policies pertaining to members of the university staff personnel category.  It shall consult with and advise the chancellor on all policies and procedures adopted by the university regarding university staff personnel rules. In addition, the council has the authority to work with and make recommendations to any academic staff, faculty, university staff, or administrative committee or agency that is concerned with university staff welfare.
Common Council university staff councilors diversification rules can be changed by University Staff Council, pending approval by the university staff members of Common Council.

The 2020-2021 University Staff Council co-chairs are Sierra Verbockel (, 715 346-3799) with the other co-chair being appointed soon.  
Subcommittees of the University Staff Council include:
  • University Staff Awards & Programming Subcommittee 
    The University Staff Awards & Programming Subcommittee has the authority to select university staff recipients for university staff awards and to recommend changes to process, forms, etc.
  • University Staff Grievance Subcommittee
    The University Staff Grievance Subcommittee has the authority to be the grievance review committee to conduct hearings for university staff contesting layoff or disciplinary action.
  • University Staff Salary Subcommittee
    The University Staff Salary Subcommittee has the authority to review all policies related to the distribution of salary of university staff.  It has the authority to make recommendations, propose revisions or new plans to Common Council and administration for university staff salary distribution.

The  UW-Stevens Point University Staff Representative for 2018-2019 meetings of the University of Wisconsin System University Staff Representatives is
Lisa Nelson,, 715-346-2964.

**When revising the Constitution of the Common Council or University Handbook, please make sure to use the most current text for proposed revisions.  Strike-out should be used for deleted text and underscore for new text of revisions. 

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