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General Education Committee
The General Education Committee has the authority to recommend to the Common Council policies pertaining to the General Education Program (GEP) and to determine such policies subject to review by the Common Council-Faculty Senate, in such matters as the following: 
  • Oversight of the GEP in accordance with the education aims of the university and the criteria to meet those aims.
  • Designation of courses meeting general education learning outcomes and establishing the procedures for assessing those outcomes.
  • Recommend policy pertaining to test-out procedures for the GEP curriculum.
  • Gathering assessment evidence regarding the GEP.
  • Evaluating assessment data and making recommendations to improve the GEP to the Common Council and appropriate administrative units.
 The process for general education proposals to General Education Committee is as follows:
  1. Prior to proposal being submitted to the General Education Committee, the General Education Committee strongly encourages an initial consultation to first discuss the proposal and course with the General Education Committee member 
    representating the relevant GEP category or with relevant expertise, or a member of the relevant 
    Faculty Learning Community.  The discussion will address the course's suitability for the GEP 
  2. The appropriate proposal template should be completed will all associated paperwork attached.  The completed proposal is then forwarded to the department chair for review and departmental vote, and pending approval to the college dean for approval.
  3. After college approval, the department chair submits the proposal to the General Education Committee member(s) representing the relevant GEP category(ies) for review.  The proposal will either be forwarded to the General Education Committee Chair or recommend revision.
  4. The Chair of the General Education Committee sets the agenda for meetings and will notify departments when the proposal is to be discussed.  The 2018-2019 General Education Committee chair is Valerie Barske (, 715-346-4058).

    Please note, if an electronic signature is used, only the Word document with the electronic approval signature need be submitted.  If the signature is handwritten, in addition to the Word document, a PDF document showing the approval signature is also required.

General Education Program information and forms

**General Education Program information is available at

When revising, be certain to use the most current text.  Catalog text is available at (Please note, when copying/pasting catalog text, click on "print-friendly page' in the upper right corner, copy the desired text from the print-friendly page, and paste "text only" to remove all Acalog (online) Catalog formatting.  When revising the Constitution of the Common Council or University Handbook, similarly, make use of the current text.  All revisions should use strike out for deleted text and underscore for new text of revisions. 

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