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Mar 05
Geese are Flying!


Coming home from the cities I noticed that flocks of geese dotted the air. Yes even though they will have to deal with frozen lakes they are coming home for spring! This I take as a very positive sign. 32 degrees below zero on March 3rd, is just mind boggling. 

Geese ask your students where they went for the winter and what kind of problems would they encounter on the way? Most students can tell you that monarch go to mexico and hummingbirds travel 1000's of miles but very little about the migration travels of robins, blue jays, geese, ducks, and other species that they can readily identify. Challenge them to find the answers.

Migratory Mapping.pdfMigratory Mapping.pdf from Project Flying Wild is a great activity for looking at migration as well as Projects Wild'sMigration Barriers.pdfMigration Barriers 

Great website with Migration information from the Chipper Woods Bird Observatory: Migrating Geese


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