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Feb 18
The sub-zero is subsiding!

Goodman Feb 3, 2010 004.jpg

As the temperatures warm it is again time to try and connect your students with the outdoors. 

One indoor activity that I like that gets kids motivated is Fishy Deep Freeze it is a game that looks at what is happening to population of fish under the ice. It introduces concepts of overwintering, metabolism, plankton, aeration, and the role of photosynthesis. This is done with stations representing the months of the year and tokens of life, your students that ice fish will thrive in this game and it gives a segway for them to talk about something that is important to them. Recommended grade is 6-7th grades, have adapted to high school with the addition of more background material and research on there part. 

Again like so manyof my favorite winter activities it comes from the book Below Zero by the Candian Wildlfe Federation.   Fishy Deep Freeze.pdfFishy Deep Freeze.pdf

Outdoor activities abound but students favorite is always Animal Antics. This lesson is about survival in the snow. the students create a protected place for their critter(jello) to wait out a storm with out freezing. Z2-Jello - Animal Antics.pdfZ2-Jello - Animal Antics.pdf


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