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Nov 23
First snow

First snow over grass and fall leaves  As the artic air is slowly moving in, a few light fluffy snow flakes are floating down. Now I know that they will not stay as they hit the warm earth they will melt, but they are a warning to pick up the children's toys, hoses, garden tools and rakes so that next spring these will not emerge having seen better days. 

Snow always intrigues students, please do not confine your outside activities to fall and spring! The wonderful happening in winter are worth your invesigation and the time spent doing them. 

Some of my favorite early winter favorites are: 

Books about snow for Elementary

Pre-school ideas for snow

ELS students may be seeing snow for the first time here is a site that address vocabulary and the experience for first time admirers: ELS snow lessons

Grades 5-8 try this: Snowflakes to Ice

Middle School:Ice Cores.pdfIce Cores.pdf

High School:Ping-pong avalanches


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