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Oct 09
Bio Blitz's

IMG_0998.JPGAs some of you know, I am a Bio Blitz Queen, meaning that I help schools all over the state set up bio blitz's  with their local community resource people, and inventory all the living things they find in a specific time frame. Then together we a create field guide for their specific site. This helps teachers become more familiar with what plant and animal life they may be seeing on the site.

Usually we do these in the spring when everyone wants to get out on a beautiful spring day...This was a gorgeous fall day and we had great fun, and found some species which are normally not identified in the spring.

The students at Denmark Community Charter school are a talkative bunch and we had two great side discussions on GMO's and Government furlough's in which the student’s insight came forward and it was obvious that they had opinions and were not just spouting what they had heard. These types of interactions are why I teach and to see students who knew how to listen to others opinions and express their own makes me smile deep inside. 

We foun64+ species which is a great count for only two resource people although we had a knowledgeable student ornithologist. We brought back several photos of insects and mushroom to spore print for id. It will be close to 70 when complete.

For more information on what a Bio Blitz is:

National Geographic Bio Blitz

Here are some lesson plans to go with a bio blitz from this same site:

Bio Blitz activities grades 3-6 and 7-12

Contact me to set up a Bio Blitz:


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