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Sep 20
Lightning and Thunder


WOW, what a morning, a full half hour lighting show followed by and hour of lightning, thunder and rain.The science of lightning is incredible and these lesson ideas may be a hit in your classroom.

         k-2 What Is Lightning(2).pdfk-2 What Is Lightning(2).pdf

          Lightning in your mouth

          lightning in the classroom

Symbolism of lightning in literature and poetry could make a great lesson. 

       Symbolism in Lightning

        lightning poetry

        lightning quotes

I would love to see what a music teacher could create with the cloudburst segment from Ferde Grofe's Grand Canyon Suite,5. Possibly a collection of several musical arrangements depicting thunder storms and anaylis of the techniques used to create them, or how and why why the used particular instruments. I better stick to nature my musical skills are weak, but I admire those with the gift.



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