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May 07
Lessons to Cure Spring Fever

IT'S SPRING AND THE WARM WEATHER is nearly impossible to resist. For your students spring fever can lead to inattentiveness and a lack of concentration and productivity.

In fact, there is good reason for your students to want to be outside. Evidence suggests that outdoor education improves students' performance and can positively influence their behavior. Anecdotally, I can say that my sixth grade students always returned from their time outdoors with better concentration and focus.

However, it is a busy time of year and the next month is packed with exams, assemblies, and end-of-year activities, so if outdoor lessons aren't planned there may be little room for improvisation. But, if by chance you have some flexibility or find yourself with a free class period or two, we have chosen a few lessons that might be just right for you and your students.

While learning intensive, the lessons are fun and can be modified and adapted to meet your needs. We hope that you and your students enjoy the lessons and the benefits that outdoor education can bring to your classroom.

A, B, C...Word Search
In this lesson, students will use language arts skills to correctly identify objects or experiences that correspond to appropriate letters of the alphabet.

Aerodynamics of Seed Dispersal
In this lesson, students will use seeds from trees and flowers to study the concept of Bernoulli's Principal and aerodynamics. Step outside and use the school grounds or your school forest to study various seeds and their dispersal strategies related to physical science concepts.

Forest Mapping
In this lesson, students work in small groups to map features of a forest plot. Included in their data collection are the measurement, identification, and ageing of trees. As a large group, students compare their information and discuss unique features of the area.

Visit our LEAF curriculum pages, school forest site, or school grounds site for more lessons and outdoor education ideas.


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