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Wisconsin Lakes Partnership

Wisconsin has an incredible team working for the continued well-being of our lakes. With 15,000+ lakes, no one entity can do the job alone. The Wisconsin Lakes Partnership brings science, education, and citizens together to empower people to work together to care for our lakes. Since its genesis in the early 1970s, the Wisconsin Lakes Partnership has been recognized as a national model of collaboration. The Wisconsin Lakes Partnership is comprised of three partners: the Department of Natural Resources (which supplies scientific research, technical expertise and regulatory authority), the Extension Lakes Program (which provides supporting educational materials and programs), and Wisconsin Lakes (which mobilizes citizens to be advocates for lakes). 

This partnership is a statewide, multi-faceted effort that has reaches far beyond the core groups to include regional, county, tribal, non-profit, and federal partners. Our goal is to continue to protect and preserve our state waters and support those meeting the challenges that come with the management and stewardship of Wisconsin lakes.


  • Once Upon a Lake (pdf 579KB) - Lays out the history of the Wisconsin Lakes Partnership for the first 100 years.
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