​Student Aide

The studentaide will be supervised by the teacher and/or director in duties performed.

Responsible for:

  • Various maintenance duties as assigned by teachers which includes: snack preparation and general light clean-up
  • Participation with children in classroom and playground setting
  • Duties vary depending on assigned hours. Aides work under the teacher's supervision and suggestion in the following areas:
    • choice time
    • snack and meal time
    • bathroom care
    • dressing time
    • nap time
    • group time
    • clean-up time
  • Various miscellaneous duties assigned by teacher or director
  • Must attend orientation and workshops
  • Know the group and children assigned to their care and their whereabouts at all times
  • Aides need 15 hours of training per year; if counted in the general ratios.

To apply, click here: Student Application** Complete the application and either email it to bhelf@uwsp.edu or deliver to Delzell Hall, 910 Fremont Street, Stevens Point, WI

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