Catering, Food Sales, Meal Vouchers, etc. Policies


Catering Request


Food Service/Catering Services
340 DUC,

Once your reservation for space has been confirmed, you are then able to submit the following items based off of the requirements of your event, using the attached links. UDS Catering has the right of first refusal for events. Waivers will be approved based off of volume of events, or inability to meet the budgetary requirements of the event. These business decisions will be made by UDS Catering after reviewing the specifics of the event.

ALL catering requests need to be received via forms on the Services page. ANY food service requests not submitted through the correct channels will not be guaranteed service.

Used when requesting Food and Beverage services on campus.

See Menu - On Campus Food Sales 

The operation of a concession or sale of food on this campus by any student group is subject to the approval of University Dining Services and the Student Involvement and Employment Office. Only recognized organizations or departments who deposit their funds in student/faculty organization (SFO) accounts or who maintain an organized activity fund, appropriation 128 (Office of the University Controller), may sell goods or merchandise on this campus.

Food Service Liability Release

To be used when approval has been given for the use of outside vendors by UDS. If a group has received permission to service their own event. UDS will offer the training and information on Serv Safe guidelines based off the needs of the event.

Meal Voucher Requests

Meal Tickets may be requested for use during hours of operation for the DeBot Dining Center or Dreyfus University Center. Meal Tickets will be valid for the menu that is running on the day that the tickets are to be redeemed. Pricing for tickets requested for the DeBot Dining Center will be based off set pricing for meal periods at this location. Pricing for tickets requested for the Dreyfus University Center can be adjusted to meet the needs or requests of the particular group or event. It is understood that neither location can be reserved exclusively for the event; both locations are in operation to meet the needs of the students and faculty of the UWSP campus. State rate guidelines will always be in place for your requests.

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