​Button Maker

Click here for the Button Maker Rental Agreement Form (.doc). The form must be printed, filled out, and turned in to the Student Involvement and Employment Office (DUC 050). There is no electronic agreement available. Rental Agreement Forms are also available for pickup at the SIEO Front Desk.

If you bring all button making supplies, you will only be charged $5.00/day for rental.

How to use the Button Maker

  1. Make sure your image is 2 1/4".

  2. Plug machine in. Turn the machine on by flipping the switch located on the back of the machine.

  3. Lift the cover of the machine up. Place the pieces of the button in the following order.
    • Place the base piece pin-side down.
    • Place smooth metal cover over the top of the base.
    • Place your image on top. 4.Place the clear sheet over your image.

  4. Close the cover. Push the activate key. After the button is completed, wait 5 seconds before lifting the cover.

  5. Push the white release key to get your newly-made button out of the machine.

How to use the Cut-A-Circle Machine

  1. Make sure your 2 1/4" button is centered on a 3 1/2" or larger square piece of paper.

  2. Plug in the machine.

  3. Lift top cover to full upright position. (BE CAREFUL! The blade will be exposed!)

  4. Place 3 1/2" or larger square sheet of paper underneath the clear pressure plate, centering your image.

  5. Gently lower the top unit.

  6. With one hand, press on the pressure handle and with the other hand, press the activation key once. The cutting blade will make one revolution and then stop.

  7. When cutting has stopped, lift top unit and remove your design along with scraps.