Allison Ward
K-12 Regional Coordinator/Career Coach
Works with students from central Wisconsin and our social media sites

Graduated from Oakfield Senior High School, Oakfield, Wis.
B.A. in Arts Management and Communication
Allison Ward
I consider myself a thespian: I studied dance and performed in community theatre for 13 years and have always loved the stage. Come talk to me about a Broadway show and watch my eyes light up.

I left a portion of my heart on the stage when I first made the decision to go into Arts Management and Communications instead of the Performing Arts. I would not change that decision for the world because I have been able to have so many different opportunities through arts management like meeting cast members of touring Broadway shows in Minneapolis and assisting in their workshops during my internship. I really encourage everyone to think about what they’re truly passionate about and ask yourself “do I want a career in this or do I want to keep doing it as a hobby?”

The outdoors and I are best friends; I think that’s why I fell in love with Stevens Point. We have such a great balance of outdoors and city living. I love to bike and go on random adventures.

A new Pointer should get involved but not too involved. Find a few things to do as stress relievers and also find things that go with your major or will help you get to know people with similar interests to help you make connections outside the classroom.

I am inspired by each and every student I come in contact with, whether it’s at your high school, visiting us on campus or just bumping into you on the street. Everyone has a different path and perspective, and I love when students share their dreams and ambitions with me. I do hope that UW-Stevens Point ends up being the right school for you, but my goal is to help you find the perfect fit for you.