Early College Credit Program (ECCP)/High School Special Students

General Information and Procedures


Admissions Standards

ECCP and high school special student applicants must be in the 9th through 12th grade in a recognized high school and rank at or above the 75th percentile of their high school class.

Application Process

  • Complete the online UW-System Application for the UW-Stevens Point campus you choose (Main Campus, Marshfield, Wausau).
  • Submit the following to their high school guidance counselor or principal:
  • Applicants should ask their guidance counselor or principal to:
    • attach an official copy of the applicant’s high school transcript to the application form;
    • obtain approval from the school board and have the district administrator sign the appropriate part of section 3 on the agreement form (applicants seeking high school credit and for which the school district will be responsible for the costs incurred)
    • send all of the materials to the Admissions Office, Park Student Services Center, UW‑Stevens Point, Stevens Point, WI  54481.

General Information

  • The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point is limited in the number of students it may enroll each year.  These restrictions may affect the University’s ability to permit eligible ECCP/students to enroll and/or the number of credits for which the students will be able to enroll.  Eligible high school students will be allowed to register if enrollment limitations at the University permit and if there is a seat available in the class(es) for which the student intends to register.

  • High school students generally register after UW-Stevens Point regular students have registered.

  • The Admissions Office will notify applicants of their eligibility to enroll at the University by June 1 (for fall semester) or by December 1 (for spring semester). Registration information will be provided to eligible students at that time.

  • Applicants seeking permission to enroll as Early College Credit Program students generally must have exhausted their high school course options before being considered for enrollment at the University. The University and/or school district (public school) or governing body (private school) generally will not approve requests to enroll in courses for which there is a comparable course offered in the high school.

  • All prospective students who have not graduated from high school must complete an Early College Credit agreement form for each semester (fall, spring or summer) they wish to enroll in University courses.

  • Early College Credit Program/high school special students must abide by all regulations, policies and procedures of the University as outlined in the University catalog, semester timetable and official University documents. These include, but are not limited to, the University drop, withdrawal, tuition refund, grading and attendance policies.  In addition, all students must comply with the rules set forth by instructors.

  • Courses taken at UW-Stevens Point become a part of the student's permanent university record and may affect subsequent admission eligibility to postsecondary institutions.

Procedures For Billing And Payment Of Tuition And Fees

Under the provisions of the Early College Credit Program, school districts assume responsibility for payment of tuition and fees for students approved by them for high school credit, and who are accepted by and enrolled at the University. The state statutes require payment within 30 days after the completion of the coursework. High school special students who are not part of the Early College Credit Program must submit a registration deposit of $100 before registration for classes. They will be billed according to the fee schedule listed in the UWSP Timetable.

Registration, Billing, and Responsibility for Payments

Early College Credit Program/high school special students should register by following the instructions provided to them by the Office of Admissions. Students who successfully register for any course listed on their applications should IMMEDIATELY proceed to the UW-Stevens Point Accounts Receivable Office, Room 003, Student Services Center, to make billing/payment arrangements. Course registrations are not final until billing arrangements are made. Responsibility for payment will be determined at that time.

If responsibility for payment lies with the student and/or parent, normal billing policies and procedures (see University catalog and timetable) will apply.  If responsibility lies with the school district, the school district must supply the student with a purchase order which must be submitted by the student to the UWSP Accounts Receivable Office either by August 1 for the fall semester or December 1 for the spring semester, or at the time of registration, whichever is later.  The University will bill the school district according to the University's normal billing schedule.  Payment must be made within 30 days after completion of the coursework or 30 days after a student withdraws.


Withdrawal/Drop Policies

If a student drops a course or withdraws from the University, the party responsible for payment of tuition and fees will be responsible for all costs incurred to the date of the drop/withdrawal based on the University's refund policy.

Finance Charges

If the party responsible for payment of tuition and fees fails to comply with the payment schedule, finance charges will accrue on the balance due from the billing due date.​