​Moraine Park Technical College (MPTC)

MPTC Associate Degree Program: Water Quality Technician
UWSP Baccalaureate Degree Program: Bachelor of Science with Major in Soil and Waste Resources (Waste Management Option)

Program-to-Program Transfer Courses

MPTC Courses
UWSP Equivalent Courses
​103 - 159 Comptuer Literacy-Microsoft Office ​CIS 102 Practicum in Computing ​1
​103 - 165 Exploring the Internet w. Client Software CIS 102 Practicum in Computing ​1
​105 - 139 Computer Concepts ​CIS 101 & 102 Intro to Comp ​3
​527 - 100 Intro to Treatment Processes ​Waste elective ​3
​527 - 103 Treatment Processes 1
527 - 105 Treatment Processes 2
​Waste 488 Water & WW Treatment
​527 - 108 Treatment Plant Instrum & Elect ​* See note below 0
​527 - 111 Water Chemistry ​Water elective ​4
​527 - 120 Hydraulics of Water/Wastewater ​Water Res 350 Current Issues in Water Res ​3
​527 - 125 Industrial Wastes Waste 350 Selected Topics​ ​3
​527 - 130 Water Supply
527 - 131 Water Supply 2
​Water Res 350 Current Issues in Water Res
​527 - 135 Process Equipment Maintenance ​Waste 350 Selected Topics ​4
​527 - 171 Water/WW Internship ​Waste/Soil 381 Internship in Water ​3
​196 - 191 Supervision ​Business 384 Persnl/Hum Res Management ​3
​809 - 195 Economics ​Economics 210 Macroeconomics ​3

* The Physics 101 course requirement will be waived for students who have completed 527-108 Treatment Plant Instrumentation and Electricity


This program-to-program articulation agreement allows for the transfer of up to 32 credits from Moraine Park Technical College to UW-Stevens Point. Additional general education courses may also transfer as approved by UW-Stevens Point.

None of the credits transferred under this agreement will apply toward UW-Stevens Point's Forty Credit Rule which requires a student to earn at least 40 credits in courses numbered 300 or above.

Guideline Definition:

To be eligible to transfer the courses and credits specified in this agreement, students must have successfully completed the Associate Degree in Water and Wastewater Treatment Technician through Moraine Park Technical College and be enrolled at UW-Stevens Point for a Bachelor of Science Degree with a major in Soil and Waste Resources, Waste Management option. If the student changes majors/options at UW-Stevens Point, the credits will not apply toward a degree and will be removed from the student's UW-Stevens Point record; if the student transfers to a different UW System institution, the credits are not transferable unless a similar agreement exists within the student's new major/program/degree at the new UW System campus.

Effective Date:

This agreement will allow for the transfer of courses taken during or after the Fall Semester of 1990.
For questions concerning the transfer of courses under this articulation agreement, please contact the Admissions Office, Room 102 Park Student Services Building, UW-Stevens Point, Stevens Point, WI 54481, (715) 346-2441.
Updated: 11/08

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