Parking Information - Visitors

All motorists who wish to park vehicles in campus lots must purchase a permit or pay at a meter or pay station. Parking is not free anywhere on campus. Signs (as pictured to the right) are located at the entrance to all campus lots and note the specifics for each lot. Signage within each lot indicate special parking areas: LOADING ZONES, FIRE ZONES, RESERVED stalls, NO-PARKING areas, etc.; obey the signs to avoid receiving a citation. 

Visitor/Guest Parking

Parking on the UW-Stevens Point campus is restricted to permit holders from 2am-7pm, Monday through Friday, except in metered areas. Visitors can utilize metered parking areas. Meter information below.
Parking for campus visits and ViewPoint Days are arranged through the Admissions Office. Orientation parking is arranged through the New Student Office.
There is meter parking available on the city streets and is regulated and enforced by the Stevens Point Police Department. Signs on streets indicate specific regulations and vary by location. All city street parking questions may be directed to the Stevens Point Police Department. 
University Meters (UWSPMap-9-23-2015.pdfUWSP Map.pdf)
  • Visitors/guests can utilize the meter parking lots on campus at $.75 per hour. Campus meter lots are enforced Monday-Friday, 6 a.m.-7 p.m. and vary by the maximum limit. Overnight parking in meter lots not allowed; lots CLOSED 2 a.m.-6 a.m.

    Lot F-East - Reserve St., north of 4th Ave., east side of the HEC (Health Enhancement Center) 40 meters with a 4 hour limit and 2 accessible (permit required) stalls. Pay-by-cell option available.

    t F-West - 4th Ave. & Isadore St., west side of the HEC (Health Enhancement Center) 43 meters with a 4 hour limit and 12 accessible (permit required) stalls. Pay-by-cell option available.

    Lot G - Illinois Ave., behind the Allen Center has 11 meters that can be prepaid for up to 4 hours. Pay-by-cell option available.

    Lot R - Portage St., between Phillips & Reserve St. has 147 meter stalls that can be prepaid for up to 12 hours and recommended for commuter students, visitors and guests to campus. Lot R has 115 permit required stalls RESERVED for faculty and staff with permits. Pay-by-cell option available.

    Lot T - Illinois St. entrance has 122 meter stalls that can be prepaid up to 12 hours. Recommended for commuter students, visitors and guests on campus for an extended period. Pay-by-cell option available.

    Lot V - Isadore St., north of 4th Ave. has 10 meter stalls with a 4 hour limit; the remainder of Lot V is RESERVED for faculty and staff with permits. Pay-by-cell option available.

    Lot Y - Isadore & Portage Streets, west of NFAC has 75 stalls, 1 accessible (permit required) stall with a CONVENIENCE multi-space Pay Station; pay-by-license plate accepting cash (no change given), credit, debit, and pay-by-cell service; 12 hour maximum enforced 6am-7pm, Monday-Friday.

    Lot Z - corner of Reserve St. & High St. is adjacent to the Dreyfus University Center has 37 meters with 4 hour limit and 2 Visitor accessible (permit required) stalls. Pay-by-cell option available.

    Pay-by-Cell service available - All you need to pay for parking is your phone!
You can get started with the app in just a few steps:

* Download free PassportParking app
* Register in app with phone #, email or through Facebook
* Enter your zone # found on meter sticker
* Pay for your parking
You will receive a notification before the end of your parking session to help avoid parking citations. If you need to stay longer, you can extend your parking session directly from you phone (up to maximum allowed for lot). Questions? http://www.gopassport.com
Pay Station Etend-by-PhoneDirections.pdf

Pay Station Extend-by-PhoneDirections.pdf

For more information about meters, view the Meters section in the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).
Accessible (permit required) Parking - Special Needs Map
There are some GUEST handicap reserved stalls in Lots R and T and vehicles parked in them must display a state-issued disabled hangtag from rearview mirror or have disabled plates. The "Handicap-Campus Permit Required" stalls in staff and student lots are reserved for staff/student that have a campus handicap permit AND their state-issued hangtag on rearview mirror or license plates. Vehicles with a state-issued disabled hangtag displayed on rearview mirror and/or plates, can also park at any CAMPUS meter without payment.

Student Guest Parking
  • Guest parking is available in the metered areas on campus or on the city streets during the day, although, meter parking is not available in the overnight timeframe. Overnight student guests can park in Lot Q (except for the DAY PARKING ONLY section) and Lot W from 7pm to 7am without paying Monday-Friday.
  • Daily guest parking permits are available at $6 per day, pre-paid with cash/check only in the Parking Services office M-F, 7:45am-4pm if space is available.
  • Student parking lots are open to park in for free on the weekends starting at 7pm on Friday through 6am Monday (except the Lot Q DAY PARKING ONLY section which is restricted starting at 2am on Monday).

Visitors/Guests to Faculty & Staff
  • To avoid citations for unpaid parking, visitors without a permit have the following options:
    • Pay meter with coin or credit/debit card using the Passport app
    • Pay city street fee with debit/credit card using the Passport app or one of the City kiosks
    • Purchase a daily pass for $6.00 for a daily parking permit in Parking Services office M-F with cash or check
    • Departments can prearrange payment for visitors via account transfer through email to parking.services@uwsp.edu
  • Vehicles with state, municipal, and federal government plates can park in any permit area (not meter stalls) without informing Parking Services. Any vehicle with these plates parked in a metered area MUST plug the meter.