Alumni Email Address

Thank you for your interest in your UWSP Alumni email address!

As an alumnus of UW-Stevens Point you are eligible to sign up for this complimentary email account that will provide you with a professional, alma mater supporting email.

If you would like to take advantage of this alumni benefit, please email with the following information:

• Your student ID, first name, middle initial and last name.

• Requested user name for your email: (example) SteviePointer   This username will be attached to our domain name to create your full email.

• Alternate email address for us to reach you. You can also set this up as your forward once your account is created if you choose.

A note to current UWSP students:  Your student email account ( will become inactive approximately six months after graduation.  Please do not use a UWSP student email address to link your alumni email address to. 

We will send an invitation to graduates approximately two months after graduation to join the online community, The Connecting Point, where you can update your information, network with fellow UWSP alumni, and sign up for your alumni email address.

Sign up for your alumni email today! Request your email at