Creating sus​t​ainability solutions
and economic opportunities​​​​

WIST connects UW-Stevens Point to business and industry and provides services in three areas:

  • Research including biofuels, renewably sourced chemicals from biomass, and value-added uses of agricultural and forestry residuals from processing
  • Laboratory services including paper testing, paper grade development, compostability, and other analyses such as ion chromatography for carbohydrates, organic acids and alcohols
  • Education in sustainability including courses in alternative energy, life cycle assessment, bioplastics, and papermaking

WIST research featured
in Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 

Eric Singsaas, WIST director of research, talks about the institute's initiative to develop biofuels and renewable chemicals from wood and biomass crops, and its potential to build revenue for the paper industry. Read Journal Sentinel staff writer John Schmid's story: Research could transform dying paper mills


 Upcoming Events

<DIV id='eventList'><div id='eventDate'>04-27-2014</div><div id='eventUrl'><a href=''>PaperCon 2014 in Nashville</a></div><div id='eventText'><div class="ExternalClass9DC7E58B4E5345E282B7F6ED0217F5D0"><p>​Focusing on keeping you “In Tune for Sustainability, Agility and Profitability” the PaperCon program brings together new methods and techniques to help you rapidly adapt to changing customer demands and cost containment pressures. WIST and IPS are hosting an exhibition booth together again. Visit us in booth 914. Conference runs April 27-30.</p></div></div></DIV>


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