The history of every nation is eventually written in the way in which it cares for its soils.
– Franklin D. Roosevelt
Soil science and waste management are fundamental to the quality of agricultural crops, forests, wildlife and inland waters and are critical for the wise use of land for all rural and urban purposes. The Soil and Waste Resources discipline focuses on academic fundamentals combined with hands-on experiences in laboratory and field courses.

Majors (options) and Minors

You can find a sample planning sheet, for each major, by clicking here. The planning sheets outline suggested coursework by semester for each of the majors. You can also learn more by visiting the UW-Stevens Point course catalog.

Jacob Prater
Discipline Coordinator
Trainer Natural Resources Building
Phone: 715-346-4180

 Soil and Land Management


The Soil and Land Management major gives students training in techniques of tillage, nutrient management, water management and sustainable crop production while minimizing erosion and maintaining water quality. 


 Soil Science


The Soil Science major provides students with a strong science-based curriculum and trains students in the scientific principles and management of the soil resource.

A minor is also available in Soil Science.


 Waste Management


The Waste Management major provides training for students to work at municipal landfills, wastewater treatment facilities, recycling and composting centers, and hazardous waste sites.

​Certification Opportunities

A certificate in wetland science is offered to CNR majors who have completed a course of study that concentrates on the identification and management of wetlands. Completion of these courses allows the student to apply for certification as a "Wetland Professional in Training” by the Society of Wetland Scientists.