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Reporting Final Grades 

Senate policy requires grades to be turned in within 48 hours of the final exam (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays not included). The deadline date for submitting ALL grades is typically 3-4 working days after the last final exam.

Deadline Dates for Submitting Final Grades

A. The deadline for submitting Spring grades online is 4:45 PM on Thursday, May 25th.  

  • Online Grading Process -- (1) select the appropriate grade roster in the myCourses module of myPoint, (2) enter grades and click the Update button - after the Update button is clicked the Submit Final Grades button will appear -(3) verify grades entered and then click the Submit Final Grades button to submit your final grades to the Office of the Registrar. 

    • After final grades are submitted online they will immediately be posted on the web.
    • Each instructor of record will receive an email confirmation that we have received your grades. 
    • For more information on web grading, click the HELP button in the grade roster application.

B. The deadline for submitting grades to be entered by the Registrar's Office is 4:00 PM on Thursday, May 25th.  

  • Process for grades entered by the Registrar's Office -- (1) print your class lists from myPoint -- Do not create your own grade roster list, combine sections or send partial lists as this can lead to errors, (2) indicate grades earned on the roster, (3) sign, date and personally bring your grades to the Office of the Registrar, 101 SSC, so that you know the grades were received and we can resolve any discrepancies on the spot.

  • NOTE:  If you mail your grade roster, please do so from your building’s central mailroom, particularly if your department’s support staff does not work during this period. Otherwise, your grades could sit in the department’s out-going mail bin. As a last resort, you may fax the original class list to 715-346-2558. If you fax your grades, please also mail your original grade roster  to the Office of the Registrar, 101 SSC.

Grading System 

​Grade ​Points ​Grade Definition​
​A ​4.00 AU Audit​
​A- ​3.67 ​GP Graduate Thesis or Thesis-Like Courses In Progress​
​B+ ​3.33 ​I ​Incomplete
​B ​3.00 ​P ​Pass
​B- ​2.67 S ​Satisfactory (Used with Noncredit Course Only)
​C+ ​2.33 ​W ​Withdrawn
​C ​2.00
​C ​1.67 ​NR ​ Not Reported (Office Use Only)
​D+ ​1.33
​D ​1.00
​F ​0.00

Recording Grades

  • Enter the grade after the name of the student.
  • A+, D-, and F+ are not valid grades.
  • For students who have elected the P-F grading option, the grade program convert the regular grade to P or F.
  • If a student is auditing a course, a grade of AU will show in the grade column.
  • If a student officially dropped the class or withdrew from school, a W will show in the grade column. 

Incomplete grade policy: 

    1. An “incomplete” should be reserved for the completion of a definable amount of work (for example, one term paper or one exam) which occurs near the end of the semester.
    2. You are to inform both the student and the department chair in writing of the work that is remaining and the date by which it must be completed.
    3. The student has until the end of the next semester (excluding summer session) to complete the work unless you set an earlier deadline.
    4. The instructor and department chair may approve one extension of time needed to make up the incomplete. The dean of the college in which the course is offered must approve any further extension of time. 

Reporting F Grades for Non-Attending Students

   A. Submitting F grades online
  • If you have no record of a student attending your class or the student stopped attending, assign them a grade of “F”. You will then be prompted to choose “Never Attended” or “Last attended on...” and a date.
  • If you notified us earlier of a student in either situation, a “stopped attending” note will show after the student’s name. If you feel the note is correct, you can skip to the next student. If you need to update the student's status, you can make changes or delete the note on the Attendance Roster.
    B. Submitting F grades (paper grade submissions): 
  • If you have no record of a student whose name appears on your list, or if you thought the student dropped your course, please do not enter an F or a W grade. Instead, indicate under COMMENTS "never attended" or "dropped," whichever is appropriate, and the date of last attendance.
  • If you notified us earlier of a student in either situation, there should be a “stopped attending” note in the COMMENTS section. If you feel the note is correct, you can skip to the next student. We will assign an F according to faculty policy if we determine the student did not officially drop the course.
Why does UWSP need to know if a student stopped attending school?  
Federal regulations require students to repay a prorated portion of their financial aid if they officially or unofficially withdraw from school prior to reaching the 60% (approximately the 10th week) point of the semester. If students do not repay their aid, the institutions are liable.  

Grade Corrections/Changes

You can change grades online, as long as they are changed before you submit the final grade roster. Once the Submit Final Grades button is clicked, grades are officially posted and all grade changes will have to be handled by the Registrar's Office. To make a grade correction BEFORE the deadline date, send an email to Julie Benson at Include the student’s name, id number, course, section, original grade, and the revised grade. Once the grade has been changed, the new grade will appear on your class list. The grade roster will show the grade as it was originally entered.  If you are turning in paper copies of your grade lists and need to make a correction cross off the incorrect grade, write the correct grade next to it and then initial the change. 

Late Reporting of Grades

During a regular semester, if only five instructors are late in reporting their grades nearly 600 students could be affected (5 instructors teaching 4 courses of 30 students each).  Late grades result in: 

  • Unnecessary student anxiety about what grade is to be received.
  • A delay in issuance of transcripts of grades to prospective employers, graduate schools, or transfer institutions.
  • A delay in certification to DPI for application for a teacher license.
  • Suspending students who shouldn't be suspended or not suspending students who should be. 

Test Score Facilities  

The test scoring facilities are located in the Information Technology Office, 026 LRC, and are available from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  The facilities are not open over the weekend. If this presents a problem, call Information Technology (2081) to see what special arrangements might be made.  

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