Your Account

Your account allows you access to UWSP
on-line resources and network services, such as email, library resources, registration and
financial information, Desire to Learn, computer lab access and much more.

To begin using these services, students, faculty and staff must activate their accounts for first time use.  During the activation process you will obtain your UWSP logon name/ID and set a password for your account.  
An account can be activated from any computer with internet access.  You need the following information to activate your account:
  • Student ID number or Employee ID number
  • Social security number
  • Birth date
Activate your account the day after you have registered for classes.  You cannot activate a student account prior to registering for classes.    
Each department is responsible for notifying new employees when their accounts may be activated.  The Department Information Manager/s (DIM)s are responsible for management of each department employee.  The Department Information Manager list identifies the DIM(s) for each department.
Contact Information
Help Desk
027 Learning Resource Center (LRC)
715-346-HELP (4357) or 1-877-832-8977