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Cornerstone Press is a small, independent publishing house located in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. Established in 1984, Cornerstone Press has published 33 titles to date in nearly every imaginable genre. It operates with the support of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Department of English.


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Meet the author of our new book, Jane Kretzmann, who lives near the central California coast with her husband and two cats. She loves hiking through redwood groves or along the seashore, where she can watch the various water birds fly, swi...m, dive, feed, and tend their young. She especially enjoys kayaking in the Elkhorn Slough, a rich habitat of seals, otters, and migrating birds. This is her first published book, growing out of a fascination with the many creatures she encounters in nature.

Meet the illustrator of our new book, Dianne Ditewig, who was born into a family of artists. From a very early age, her artistic pursuits have ranged from traditional expressions in acrylics, pastels and water colors, to costume design, mu...rals and sculpture. Having traveled the world with her Navy officer husband and their family, the influences of their travels are profound in her work. She has illustrated books on Japanese obi design, created a cultural coloring book for use in Okinawa schools, and has illustrated several books on spirituality.
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