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Kristina Rykova


Kristina comes from Krasnodar, which is located in the South of Russia. This region is also called Kuban, and is famous for its picturesque landscapes, mountains, waterfalls, and gorges. The Kuban region is close to the Black Sea and Sochi, a famous Russian resort in which the Winter Olympic games of 2014 were hosted.
Kristina graduated in 2009 from Kuban University as a philologist and a teacher of Russian as a foreign language.  Since then, she has been working for more than 5 years as a Russian teacher and a lecturer of Russian literature.  Meanwhile, she has also established professional partnerships with German and Swedish companies and has taught Russian to their employees.  Kristina does her best to provide a satisfying learning environment in which students feel motivated to learn Russian history, literature and culture.  She strongly believes that Russia has much to offer to those who are eager to learn more about a country with great history and poetic soul.
In her free time Kristina likes reading (Nabokov, Umberto Eco, and the Silver Age of Russian poetry are her favorite topics), playing the piano and travelling as well as enjoying exhibitions of French Impressionism. Her favorite piece of art is the sculpture "The Little Fourteen-Year-Old Dancer" by Edgar Degas, which, in her opinion, teaches people that even the simplest gestures that we make every day in life are full of meaning and expressiveness.
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