Paper Testing Services

Formation evaluation

WIST is your partner in routine testing and analysis, operating dedicated laboratories. We offer a full line of testing services, with testing performed according to TAPPI, ASTM or ISO standard methods.

WIST testing facilities consist of a wet laboratory and a 1,150-square foot conditioned lab. Our experienced staff realizes the importance of providing fast and accurate results. All samples and test data are strictly confidential. Contact us for pricing and availability.
To request a quote or to inquire further about physical testing services, pulping and bleaching, or recyclability and repulpability, contact either:

Lindsey Hoffman, Laboratory and Papermaking Project Specialist

Brian Bandow, Paper Machine and Laboratory Specialist

Laboratory Services Price List

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 Paper test and test number
  • ABC Pulping Liquor Test
  • Absorption, Water Drop (T432)
  • Ash Testing 525 degC (T211)
  • Ash Testing 900 degC (T413)
  • Automated Solvent Extraction
  • Basis Weight, Paper and Paperboard (T410)
  • Brightness (T525, T571)
  • Brit Jar, Fines (Pulp) (T261)
  • Bulk/Density (T220)
  • Burst (T403)
  • Caliper (T411)
  • Carbohydrate analysis
  • Carbohydrate analysis and Klason Lignin
  • Carboxymethylcellulose substitution
  • Cobb Size Test (T441)
  • Consistency (T240)
  • Dirt Count with Handsheets (T205 and T563)
  • Fatty Acid Analysis - Short Chain (1-6 Carbons)
  • Fatty Acid Analysis - Long Chain (2-20 Carbons)
  • Fiber Length Distribution: MorFi
  • Fiber Length Distribution - Morfi w/shives or coarseness
  • Folding/Endurance (T511)
  • Formation Analysis (Optest Micro-Scanner)
  • Freeness (T227)
  • Gloss (T480)
  • Gurley Porosity (T460)
  • Handsheet Preparation‚Äč and Physical Testing Package (T220)
  • Handsheet Preparation Only (T 205)
  • Kappa Number (T 236)
  • Klason Lignin (TAPPI 60(10):143(1977)
  • Moisture Analysis - Halogen Balance
  • Odor analysis
  • Opacity (T519)
  • Parker Print Surf (T555)
  • PFI Mill: 5 pt. curve including freeness, handsheets and standard testing (T248)
  • Pulmac Master Screen Shive Analysis (T274)
  • Repulpability - Modified UWSP Version (UM 212 + Formation)
  • Repulpability - TAPPI UM Method Only (UM 212)
  • Ring Crush (T818)
  • Sheffield Smoothness (T538)
  • Sommerville Flat Screen (T278)
  • Starch Analysis (T419)
  • Stiffness: Taber (T566)
  • Tear (T414)
  • Tensile: stretch, TEA, modulus (T494)
  • TSO Test
  • Valley Beater (T200)
  • Viscosity (T230)
  • Water Retention Value (UM 256)
  • Wax Extraction Test (T405, T574)
  • Wax Pick Test (T459)
  • Zero-Span Tensile (T231)

WIST offers recyclability/repulpability certification for corrugated products

Test wax alternatives for corrugated fiberboard

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In partnership with IPS Testing Services, the Appleton, Wisconsin, independent testing laboratory, WIST provides repulpability/recyclability certification. WIST and IPS labs are approved by the Corrugated Packaging Alliance to perform certain tests of the Voluntary Standard for Repulping and Recycling Corrugated Fiberboard. The protocol is used to certify the repulpability and recyclability of wax alternatives for corrugated products that have been treated to improve performance in the presence of water and water vapor. Contact us for a quote or to discuss your project needs.